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Synthetic Turf Repairs

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Synthetic Turf Direct has expert consulting, installers and technicians available within the Industry. We are here to help you with all your synthetic turf needs including repairs and maintenance. We work with our customers on scheduling installers and technicians as needed or we can a setup routine maintenance plan from our many resources.


Synthetic Turf Direct Consultations Services

Synthetic Turf Direct has a Team of Consultants, Installers and Engineers that work with our clients from start to finish. Our Team offers knowledgeable experts who can save you money on consulting, products, services and time.

Synthetic Turf Direct Provides Other Value-Added Services:

  • Field Repairs: Synthetic turf gets damaged from time to time. Our outside Contractors are available to repair damaged seams, field and base irregularities, and excessively worn areas. They can even restore logos and more.
  • Field Grooming: They will inspect and groom synthetic turf lawns and fields to ensure the longevity of your turf surface.
  • In-Fill: Synthetic Turf Direct will provide in-fill and silica sand and Adhesives as needed for leveling or maintenance.
  • Field Painting: They can lay out and paint any aspect of your field on natural or synthetic surfaces.
  • Anti-Bacterial and Mold Prevention: We specialize in synthetic turf products that are used to clean synthetic turf surfaces.
  • Turf Removal: When it is time to replace your synthetic turf, our Contractors will remove your surface with minimal disruption to the base and give a relatively clean surface for the installer to proceed with replacement.
  • Turf Recycling: We have a Contractor with the capabilities of removing turf and infill and recycling the entire field into new turf products keeping all of the materials from ever ending up in a landfill. It does cost extra to remove turf field for repurposing, but it will still be much cheaper than using new turf. Call us and ask about our turf recycling program.



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