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Synthetic Turf BenefitsSynthetic Turf Should Always Be Made Specific
For Your Application

Synthetic Turf Direct carries a wide range of turf products that are the best on the market. We work with our clients to make sure they get the right turf for their specific installation. There’s a wide variety of Turf Systems today with all the competition that has evolved the past 7 years. Synthetic Turf Direct will educate you about all of your options. We will discuss your project in detail to find solutions for your installation. The synthetic turf technology has advanced to a smart, durable system that includes a drainage layer, a multi-layered backing system and resilient “grass” blades that are infilled with a granular filler to resemble natural turf. We sell both Crumb Rubber and/or Silica Sand, as well as new age products for the fillers. In some applications, the synthetic turf system includes a pad or elastic layer underneath the turf, often in combinations with lower pile height and less in fill. Synthetic Turf Direct has a design team that will assist you and plan your installation from start to finish. The advances in synthetic turf technology has allowed for synthetic turf to be used in a wide variety of applications from residential to commercial. Synthetic turf is environmentally safe making it an excellent choice for schools and playgrounds where children or pets play. Synthetic Turf is flexible system that makes is easy to adapt to high or low traffic areas. It can be used on the toughest applications such as sports fields or to help reduce maintenance for a homeowner in their lawn or outdoor living space and even Dog Agility centers.

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Introducing, the newest product to our catalog and latest innovation
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Synthetic TURF² Grass Panels

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