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Synthetic Turf Field


Introducing, the newest product to our catalog and latest innovation
by Synthetic Grass Technologies

Synthetic TURF² Grass Panels

Synthetic TURF² provides the ability to create a grass sport/activity area on any indoor/outdoor level surface. They are easily placeABLE, moveABLE, removeABLE and stackABLE. The two available models, Powerlock and Quadralinks, allow anything from daycare playtime to League-size sports fields. Manufactured as 30” x 30” square, interlocking panels, they can be easily maneuvered into any size field of play. Installation is simple and affordable without the need for any adhesives or infill. These are great for play areas, playgrounds, indoor & outdoor sporting and practice facilities. They offer multiple styles of Grass depending on your level of play. Edging is also available for both appearance and functionality. They are a one-stop-shop for ALL turf possibilities. Synthetic TURF² Grass Panels are a huge addition to our offerings and the Industry, we look forward to sharing all of their possibilities with you.

QuadraLinks (30” X 30”) Panels 5 -6lbs per

QuadraLinks QuadraLinks

PowerLock (30” X 30”) Panels 8-9lbs per

PowerLockPowerLock Joined

Turf Options

  • Action Turf
  • Play Turf
  • REC Turf
  • Lawn Turf


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