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Synthetic Turf Direct is A Full Service Shop for All Your Synthetic Turf Needs

Synthetic Turf Direct, a division of SJM GROUP of New York, began by expanding the products and Tools needed by the Synthetic Turf Industry. SJM GROUP sold nearly 20 million lbs. of Crumb Rubber a year to Synthetic Sports Fields and various Industries around the world before the consolidation of the Rubber manufacturers in 2007.

That's when we created our Synthetic Turf Direct Division, to carry on a much needed Service to supply the Products and Tools for your project.

As SJM Group expanded, our Synthetic Turf Industry network developed into a wide range of suppliers. We now offer a complete service package for our customers for the sale of Turf, Rubber, Silica Sand, Glue Adhesives, as well as finding the best Installer and Repair companies in the Industries.

Over the years in the business and the changing times we have built valuable relationships with some of the best Vendors in the Turf industry.

We would like to offer our Teams experienced services to your Project and would welcome an opportunity to meet with you, along with our Turf Consultant, Freelance Installers and Engineers to go over any questions you may have of them.

The team approach that the SJM GROUP has, allows us to partner you up with the best contractors in any region of the Country while lowering overhead and allowing us to pass on meaningful savings to our Synthetic Sport Field customers.
Please contact SJM GROUP for any questions you have about starting your project today.

Stephen J. McKiernan

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