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We at Synthetic Turf Direct want to give our customers a Quality Product at a Fair Price. Upon creating this company we have compiled many years of experience servicing Synthetic Turf contractors and installers.

Now, Synthetic Turf Direct has put together a unique opportunity, where a Contractor, Installer, or a School Representative can come to us Directly to get pricing on Synthetic Turf – Tools and Supplies as needed for Installations and Repairs.

We offer various types of Synthetic Turf as well as Adhesive, Seaming Tape, Rubber In-fill, Rubber Mulch and Silica Sand, Tools etc; as well as our NEW Synthetic TURF² Grass Panels.

Synthetic Turf Direct will supply the necessary products and equipment to complete an Installation of your Synthetic Sports Field from start to finish. We have lists of Architects, Installation Crews and Experienced Base Construction Crews available for you to select.

We want to be the "One Stop Shop" for our customers and pass on the years of knowledge that we have gained in this industry.
Without the high cost of Marketing and Sales teams, we are able to pass along a Considerable savings to our customers on supplying the proper product and tools for your Synthetic Turf Sports Field!

Please call or email using the contact information within for Pricing and References

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